God Of War 5: Release Date, Cast, Trailer? Get To Know The Updates!

God Of War 5
God Of War 5

God Of War 5

God of War is a popular action and adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio with Sony Interactive Entertainment as its publisher. However, the last release from this series is in 2018. Since then all fans have been eagerly waiting for a new release from the God Of War Series.

Release Date 

However, the game series is still in the development stage. So, Sony Interactive Enjoyment didn’t give any confirmation or update regarding the upcoming game. We all know that it took almost four years to develop the game for PS4. Anyways, we can expect the release of its sequel sooner as it doesn’t take much time.

So, without knowing the exact details about the game, it is difficult for us to estimate the release date.

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Trailer Confirming God Of War 5

To everyone’s surprise, the developers released a teaser trailer confirming God of War 5. However, the trailer doesn’t have more details about the upcoming game. Recently, David confirms the game on social media, but he doesn’t give any information.

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Coming to the cast, different people gave the voiceover to different characters. Christopher Judge gives the voiceover to Kraton, Jeremy Davies to Baldur, and Rober Craighead to Brok. However, the other members of the cast include Danielle Bisutti, Nolan North, Sunny Suljic. Apart from the mentioned members, there are a lot more members who belong to the cast of God Of War 5.

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In the upcoming game from the series, we may see Kratos, who is very much interested to continue his journey with Atreus. We have seen him together with Atreus in God of War PS4.

So, he may continue to learn more about the Norse lands to locate Gods. On the other hand, this gives Odin, the father of Baldur, a reason to come after Kratos and Atreus. As for now, we can only confirm this since there is no confirmation regarding the gameplay.


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