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God Of War 5 : When It Is Hitting The Screens?

God Of War 5

The God Of War 5 Updates

God of War is an Action and Adventure video game. Santa Monica Studio develops this video game. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it. This is launched for PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018. It is a single-player game. Derek Daniels designed this game. Santa Monica Studio has not made any official announcement about the God of War 5.

On Tuesday, Cory Barlog stated that there would be an update from Santa Monica about the God of War 5 in the coming months. There was a strong hint from game director Cory Barlog that Kratos and Atreus will return on the PlayStation 5.

God Of War
The image of gameplay from God Of War with Kratos and a child.

God Of War 5 Studio

There was also a tweet from IGN that some sequels have been confirmed. He asked to select among three games for PlayStation 5. In the options, the God of War 5 also included. And to that post, Cory Barlog replied with “ALL PLEASE.” So many people keep on asking him to make an official announcement about the title.

The studio was not at all, giving a hint about the future of the series. But Barlog stated that it is going to happen. He has enough material to work with it, and also he might be developing the next video game. Last year Santa Monica posted a job for a Senior Combat Designer. The person who applies for it should have all the knowledge of God of War 2018. He should be able to tell about the combat, mechanics, and enemies.

God Of War
The game poster of God Of War with Kratos in its cover.


The God of War 5 is still in its early stages of development. So fans should wait so long to play the game. God of War 2018 took five years for its development. Most of the time, used for logistics like logistics and other labor-intensive mechanics. An announcement will be made in the next year or two.

There are no official announcements from the Santa Monica studio about plot details. Also, there is no trailer launched for this video game. Also, Barlog has a ton of thoughts to take the story forward. Finally, there are no updates from this video-game, which made fans wait so much.


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