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God Of War Season 5: Should Be Hitting The Screens By 2022! Cast, Plot, Get To Know!

God Of War
The game poster of God Of War with Kratos in its cover.

God Of War: Archetypal PlayStation Series

God of War is an archetypal play station series. Sony Santa Monica studios have come up to feature this exciting show. The publishers are Sony Interactive Entertainment. The show has continuously given fierce competition to other best shows recently. It has a secure place in the heart of the public. Now its time for the upcoming God Of War Season 5.

The earlier versions of the game have taken their inspiration from Greek mythology. But the latest switches its tracks to focus on Norse mythology. It is one of the oldest play station series. The show has been in existence since 2005. But no matter what, the earlier the golden. Now it receives excellent recognition and will continue to do so.

God Of War
The characters from all the God Of War game series so far.

God Of War Season 5: Release Date

We know that the God of War took long to be featured in 2018. The wait is immense and intense. It has been challenging for the lovers of the show to cop up with the time gap.

But, for now, the fifth season will not take so much of time in the making. However, previous measures state that it shall be hitting the screens in 2022. But this time, the creators may not take so much of time. So we can surely expect it by 2021.

God Of War Season 5:Β  Trailer

So far, when the release of season 5 is under concern, no official announcement by the creators or the respective studios has been made. So as of now, we need to remain quiet regarding the trailer and the releasing date. As soon as any information is provided, we shall forward it to the people.

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God Of War
The image of gameplay from God Of War with Kratos and a child.

Plot Details:

In season 5, we will come across the details of Norse mythology. The season will also see the continuation of the story that is left by the final story war games. We can expect the forthcoming season to be extra thrilling. It may end up exciting the audience to a considerable extent.


The praisers of the show have been eagerly waiting for season 5 to be featured. Nevertheless, the right time will present us with the same. Until then, we can remain thinking about what more thrills it may take us up to.


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