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Godfall is an upcoming looter-slasher game on PlayStation 5. It is inspired by the fantasy novel known as ‘The Stormlight Archive’. And resembles the gameplay of Monster Hunter: World and Dark Souls. Counterplay Games developed the game and Gearbox published it.

In the official PlayStation Magazine, the makers unveiled details about it. And the latest is, Godfall will not work cross-gen with PS4. The game will be only exclusive to PlayStation 5 snd PC.

Why Godfall Abanded Cross-gen?

According to unofficial sources, the 75 developers of the game Godfall tailored to run on PS5, which will give the gamers to feel the exclusiveness of the game. The players on the Xbox series X also able to enjoy the eye-candy experience.

This image from the trailer reveals the perfect graphics of Godfall.

The game will first launch on PS5. They are also followed by separate PC release and an exceptional land on Xbox Series X. But it will not be available to play on PS4.

In one of the interviews, it’s developer mentioned that the SSD in PS5 enables ‘seamless’ loading, better haptics. And also controls the ‘Kinaesthetic in nature’ in the combats. It will make you feel toe to toe with the beasts of the game.


In the game, the players will be one of the last knights standing. And their task will be to stop an apocalyptic event. The game divided into elements such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit. The classes in the game will be flexible. The players can craft their protagonist from the available characters. The combats played with three other heroes against the gigantic beasts. There is a limited range of attacks in the game with the ability to change the melee weapons twice in a battle.

The gameplay image from the trailers of Godfall.

Godfall: Release Date

The official date of release isn’t announced yet. But it is expected that it will launch in the last months of 2020. It will launch between Sep to Dec months in this year, which is also the time when the next-gen console will be launched.


Abandoning the cross-gen concept, the game might lose a significant number of players. The next-gen console will showcase the full power of the hardware. But in this worldwide crisis of COVID-19, folks will prevent their spending. We have to wait and see how this affects the game industry.

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