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Golfer Dustin Johnson and Paulina -Why not Married Yet?

Dustin and Paulina Happy but Not Married Yet!

Golfer Dustin Johnson and Paulina -Why not Married Yet?: It’s unclear why Golfer Dustin and Finacee Paulina haven’t married yet, since neither of them spoke very openly about their relationship.

The relationship is going pretty good as it is visible. Dustin, not only won the FedEx Cup and $15 million but his Fiancee, Paulina Gretzky, was there to celebrate his side’s win.

The couple has been together since 2013 and shares two kids. Both are successful in their fields. It is unclear why they have not made it official and tied the knot? They seem happier than before and much in love.

The couple was face-timing their two sons Tatum,5, and River, 3. It happened after his FedEx Cup in September 2020 was one of the sons was asking their dad if he won.

“Did you win the trophy?”

The Pro Golfer assured of his win while his Fiancee Paulina laughed. The moment was cute and shows the family are close to each other. The reality cannot get ignored that the relationship has not been picture perfect. There can be reasons behind such talks or issues to be dealt with.

Let us take a closer look at the love story.

Dustin Cheated On Paulina?

Dustin and Paulina in the frame

Dustin Johnson initially developed a friendship with mom Janet (and Wayne Gretzky’s wife), Paulina Gretzky, according to Golf. Janet invited Johnson to the house in 2009, where he met with his now-fiancee.

They were both in relationships at the time, so nothing happened immediately. Gretzky told the outlet:

“We’ve become good friends. Actually, my entire family has become friends with Dustin β€” my brothers and parents have seen him much more than I have.”

They went on their first date not until 2012, and by 2014 they were pregnant with their first son. Dustin was going through a rough time. He took a break from playing for what he called “personal challenges”.He was suspended per Sportscasting by the PGA Tour for testing positive for cocaine use.

Also in 2018, there was a rumour that Johnson was sleeping with a woman named Yassie Safai, though Safai denied the allegations per TMZ.

She said, “I am sure he is a great person but we do not have a close friendship. I have never met Paulina Gretzky and do not know the Gretzky family, but again, I am sure they are great people.”

Dustin’s problems, rumours of an affair and switching between professional, and personal might be the reason for not getting married soon. All we can do is wait!


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