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Google And Facebook To Allow Employees To Work From Home Through The End Of 2020!

FB and Google
FB and Google

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought to a world. Lockdown has been imposed and people are being quarantined by the dozen. As the death rate increases day by day, officials are struggling hard to find a cure.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted every industry on the planet. Financial losses are in the billions and several companies are on the verge of shutting down. But amidst all this, people around the world are still working from home to ensure their company’s future. Many IT industries have been granted permission to resume their offices with a 40% workforce. But the work from home continues. And it looks companies are exploring the option to allow their employees to work from home throughout 2020.

Google Will Let Employees Work From Home Until The End Of 2020

Google Employees Allowed To Work From Home Through The End Of 2020

Google and FacebookΒ have extended their work from home policies. As per the updated policy, the two tech giants will be allowing most employees to work from home throughout the year.

Google has announced that it will allow many employees to work from and is the biggest company to do so. This decision affects over 100,000 employees in all of North America. Previously the company had announced that it was optional to work from home for employees in New York and California.Β 

But this decision now covers all of North America and all of its offices inΒ Canada and the U.S.Β This might prove difficult for some of the employees to work from home. However, the company has resources that will allow people to work remotely with a certain flexibility. Google also came out announced that it is creating a fun called Cope Ed-19 which will offer compensation to the extended workforce


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FB to allow work from home until end of 2020 - reports ...

Facebook Too Confirms Employees Can Work From Home

The social network has also made the same announcement as per Google. A majority of Facebook employees can work from home this year. The tech giant confirmed to USA TodayΒ that it is likely to open its offices on July 6 but in a staggered manner.

Facebook is in the process of determining which are the employees who will be needed in the office. In April,Β Mark ZuckerbergΒ had confirmed that most of the employees will be able to work remotely from home. Facebook was on the first tech companies to let employees work remotely. All employees got $1000 each as bonuses to help them right through the tough times.

OTT’s likeΒ Amazon and SlackΒ have also asked their employees to work remotely till the end of October 2020.Β TwitterΒ has also asked its employees to work from home and that there will no deduction on wages irrespective of their work performance.


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