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Google Brings Personal Security And Improves Battery Life Of Pixels!

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Google Brings Personal Security And Improves Battery Life Of Pixels: GoogleΒ is bringing in a timely new set of features to all its smartphones. The tech giant will be enhancing its adaptive battery feature and will be adding personal security to Pixels. Though Google has postponed the launch ofΒ Android 11,Β it will still be giving Pixel users something to rejoice in 2020. On 2nd June 2020, the company has announced a set of new features that will be made available to all Pixel modes. These sets of updates promise to extend battery life, improve your sleep, and give more people access to safety tools during emergencies.

Google’s New Set Of Features Are Here

The American tech giant has been making improvements to the Pixel series since December 2019. Google was expected to launch the new version of Android, Android 11, this year. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, theΒ Google I/O Convention 2020Β has been canceled. Although, the company has unveiled a brand new set of features for its Pixel smartphones. Let us have a look

Google’s New Set Of Features
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Adaptive Battery

Though the Pixel is a state of the art piece of technology, it lacks in the power department. Battery life has been a problem for all Pixel users since the introduction of the smartphone. However, Google did try to make certain improvements to the battery in the past but still fell short.

But the adaptive battery update will make the battery last longer than usual. It will do so by reducing the power consumed by the apps in the background, thus reducing battery consumption.

Personal Safety

Google Brings Personal Security And Improves Battery Life Of Pixels: Similar toΒ Apple; Google is also enhancing its features in terms of health and security. This new feature will let users share their medical information with first responders. In addition to that, it will also let you share your contact information and current location during an emergency. The system will be able to detect if you have been in a car crash and will immediately inform medical services automatically. However, this feature is only available to Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.

Personal Safety App
Personal Safety App
Source: The Verge

Safety Check Tool

This feature will allow you to check-in from the app at a later time.
For example: If you are attending a candle march, or run, or a trek, you can schedule a check-in for 2 hours later. If you fail to check-in, this app will automatically alert your emergency contacts.

Recorder App Compatible With Docs And Google Assistant

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If this feature is compatible with your phone, you should install it immediately. The recorder app is now synched with Google Docs and Google Voice Assitant. With this, you will be able to start, stop, and search voice recordings suing voice commands to Google Assistant.

Example: “Hey Google, record the chores Mom is giving me.”

Bedtime Feature

This is a new clock app that will help you maintain consistency in your bedtime schedule. It will provide you with calm sounds, which will help you fall asleep. Simultaneously, it will also tell you the number of hours you have been awake and have been on apps past your bedtime. The Bedtime feature also allows you to also easily set your favorite song as the alarm or to have the display on your device get gradually brighter with Sunrise Alarm.


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