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Google Delays Launch Of Android 11: Check Out The New Release Date Here

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It has become a tradition at GoogleΒ to come up with a newer android version every year. This largely fuels the anticipation amongst the users as to what the new release will have to offer. Android 11Β made a surprise debut on 19th February and is the 11th upcoming major release and the 18th version of Android Mobile OS. Android 11 or Android R was initially slated to launch on 12th May 2020. However, in the wake of the chaos, Google delays launch Of Android 11.Android 11 Features, Release Date & Compatible Devices ...

Google Delays Launch Of Android 11: New Launch Date?

It is customary for Google to come up with a new Android version every year. These new versions are launched every year at the annual Google I/O Conference. However, in the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, the Google I/O ConferenceΒ  2020 has been officially cancelled.

  • The initial beta version will is expected to launch onΒ June 3, 2020. Β Beta 2 version is expected to launch in July.
  • Beta 3 will release in August 2020Β and
  • The final Android 11 release is expected to roll out in Q3,2020.

Android 11: Everything You Need To Know

The first Android 11 preview release in February 2020. Google has rolled out four major Android 11 previews with the latest preview in May.Β  Initially, there were going to be only three previews, but with the pushed timeline, Google has released the 4th preview of Android 11.

Check out the latest preview here:Β

What's New in Android 11? (Updated)

The size of the latest update is 221 MB. Android 11 will be having the following incremental updates after the initial release:

  • 1st Update: Android 11.0.1
  • 2nd Update: Android 11.0.2
  • 3rd Update: Android 11.1


Through the developer previews, Google is revealing more and more features for the new version. Let us take a look at a few of them:The Most Notable New Android 11 Features - Brandsynario

  1. Adjustment To Biometrics Settings: TheΒ BiometricPromptΒ will now support three different authentication types with three levels of granularity: weak, strong, and device credential
  2. Auto Revoke App Permissions:Β With the third preview, Google has revealed a new option. This new option will automatically revoke all permissions granted to the camera, location, and other apps that haven’t been used for a long time. You can turn on this setting manually if you think you won’t be using an app soon.
  3. Secure Data Storage + Sharing:Β With theΒ BlobStoreΒ manager, you will now be able to share data more conveniently and easily with increased security.
  4. Removal Of Undo Action:Β In the third developer preview, Google had provided an option to recover an app if you delete it accidentally. This action is no longer available.
  5. 5G Bandwidth Estimator API: With this new feature, you can check the upstream/downstream bandwidth without having to poll your system. The mobile will automatically make a default connection if the modem fails to support it.


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