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Google Duo Will Now Let You Make Group Video Calls On Chrome

Google Duo
Google Duo

Social Distancing is the need of the hour. A worldwide lockdown has been imposed and people have quarantined by the dozen. Governments have urged people to stay at home to control the spread of the COVID-19.

Usually, this would’ve made people drift people from each. But thanks to video calling solutions fromΒ Google, people can stay connected despite being miles away. GoogleΒ has had a wide range of video chat solutions over the years. Many discontinued whereas many overlapped during their offering.

The most frequently used video calling app is Google Duo. ItΒ was announced in 2013 as an equivalent to Apple’sΒ facetime. If it is a mobileΒ videoΒ call or if the conversations areΒ casual, then Google Duo is your best option. And Google Duo has received a new feature.

Let us take a closer look…

Group video calling in Google Duo goes live globally

Google Duo: You Can Now Make Group Video Calls In Chrome

Google Duo has just received a new feature. This will now enable users to make group video calls in Google Chrome.Β To make the video calling experience seamless, Google has introduced this feature to its video calling service. This new feature will be rolling out on Chrome in the coming weeks

This new feature will soon let you make group video calls on the Web. In the Duo’s upcoming feature, there will be a ‘Family’ mode. This feature lets you draw on the screen inΒ real-time.Β In addition to that, you can applyΒ SnapchatΒ like masks and filters on yourself during an on-going call. The family mode is available if the user is using Duo while signed in to their Google account.

Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls - Apps on Google Play

While using the family mode, Duo will hide the buttons to mute and hang-up. The Snapchat-like masks and filters will also be available when you’re making one-on-one calls onΒ Android and iOS.Β In April, Google said that it will be updating the video conferencing app with a newΒ  AV 1 video codecΒ technology.

With the new upgrade, this is what you can expect from the updated Google Duo:

  • Higher Data Compression Rates
  • ImprovedΒ VideoΒ StabilityΒ andΒ Quality
  • Photo Mode to allow you to share side-by-sideΒ photosΒ of you while on call
  • Increased group call size

You can check out all features of Google Duo in this promotion video:



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