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Google Duplex: Silently Pave Its Way To Canada And The UK

Google Duplex
The new AI for people from Google called Duplex.

Google Duplex is an automated voice calling technology of Google. This was launched in 2018. In starting, this is exclusively for Google pixel owners. After six months of the trail, google made this available to all android and iOS devices. This service is only available in the US and New Zealand. Subsequently, news comes up that google silently make its way for Duplex to Australia, Canada and UK. Here are the details:-

Google Duplex: Details

Google Duplex is feature powering Google assistant. This is an AI-based technology and works on a fully automated system. Google duplex can easily make calls for you, book your appointments, keep your schedule, book your restaurant reservations and other regular stuff.

This works on the natural sounding human voice. It seems realistic. According to Google, they didn’t use the robotic voice. Suppose that you told Google assistant to make a reservation for you. He asks about the preferred time, service type, size of the party, and other necessary details. After that, Duplex will call any of the restaurant listed on Google. Duplex will talk him in a human voice and make an appointment for you. Google record this call for quality assurance.

The new AI assistant from Google to help people.

Google’s Expansion Of Service

In the meantime, when the whole world is busy fighting Coronavirus. Google silently makes his way to Australia, Canada and the UK for his Duplex service. Now Duplex is available in these countries. Reports claim for now this is available in only limited areas soon it became available for the whole country.

In this coronavirus pandemic, this might help local business of area to list themselves as available or not. They will able to add their hours accordingly. This update will reflect on Google maps. So people can easily find their necessities.

A perfect solution to reserve your places from your home.

Google’s Statement

Last year Google told New York Times that 25% of Duplex calls oriented with Human operated and 15% with an automated system. They also said they would make sure that Duplex will introduce himself before booking appointments or other services. They will also be going to add a feature to ask permission for call recording. About this expansion, they said this is a beta testing version for a limited area. When we proceed further, we will give all details.

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