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Google Has Also Rolled Out An Update That Would Let The Google Stadia Controller “Capture” Screenshots And Video Clips On Android?

Google Stadia Controller

No longer you need to connect the Google Stadia Controller physically with the desktop to enjoy playing your favourite game. The Stadia Controller can now be used wirelessly on the laptops and desktops. And the update also lets the controller capture video and screenshots on Android.

The device launched in Nov last year. At that time, the device’s capability was restricted to Chromecast Ultra when playing on TV. Google updated the device to cover up the restriction. Also now the Stadia Controller ‘capture’ screenshots and record video clips on Android. The captured screenshots and recorded videos automatically stored on the user’s Stadia Account.Google's Stadia game-streaming service lets you play games ...

You just need to perfectly link your Stadia account to the controller. One needs to go to, connect it with controller and you can play without a USB-C cable connection.

Available devices

Google, Samsung, Asus, and Razer devices are already compatible with the controller. Besides, Google confirmed OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are the only phones from one plus devices to join the list. Recently, Google introduced PUBG on its subscription-based game category on Stadia which costs around $30.

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Benefits From The Update

Most importantly, the controller is now available to wireless. And for the video and screenshot capture feature, the benefits vary.

Without a subscription to the Stadia Account, a user can store far-less from the one who has a subscription. Well, that’s a very normal fact but the number is quite impressive. The users with no-subscription can store up to 100 clips and unlimited screenshots. However, with pro-subscription on Stadia Account, a user can store 500 clips and unlimited screenshots as other users.

Pricing For The Google Stadia ControllerGoogle's play-anywhere Stadia game service gets a Founder ...

There is various Stadia Controller available on Market. One can buy any bundle according to their budget and preference. A Stadia console costs around $69 in the market. However, one can also choose a better bundle, the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle. The controller market price is around $129. This bundle also includes Chromecast Ultra and comes with a paid Stadia Pro subscription for the whole three months.

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