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Google hit With A $5 Billion Lawsuit In Us For Tracking Incognito

Google hit With A $5 Billion Lawsuit In Us For Tracking Incognito: When people usually browse through incognito mode, its because they don’t want sensitive data to appear in their search history. However, this might be a big misconception as per the latest report. GoogleΒ has been accused of tracking a user’s browsing activity even in Incognito mode. As technology advanced, it became clearer that the government and tech giants were keeping track of people virtually.

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But it seems that the incognito might not be that private as you believe it is.Β  Everything you search on your browser, Google keeps every history information. And now it looks the tech giant is even tracking your activity despite going incognito. If you’d recall,Β Xiaomi,Β the Chinese mobile company, was accused of tracking its user activity sometime March 2020. A bunch of security researchers confirmed private data is being collected and sent to overseas servers with sub-standard encoding. However, Xiaomi responded with a detailed blog post explaining its privacy policies and data collection practices.

It seems that Google also has found itself in a legal soup

Google Sued For Invasion Of Privacy

A proposed class-action lawsuit filed against Google is accusing the company of violating federal wiretap laws by tracking users’ online activities even when they’re in Incognito mode, Engadget reported. The American tech company now faces a lawsuit over claims that it invades a user’s privacy even while browsing in incognito mode.

Google Accused Of Tracking Users’ Browsing Activity Even In Incognito Mode
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Google was sued on Tuesday (2/6/2020) in a proposed class action accusing the company of illegally invading the privacy of millions of users. The company was accused of pervasively tracking a user’s internet use through browsers set in privacy mode. According to the complaint filed in San Jose, California, Google was accused of collecting data through the following applications:

  • Google Analytics
  • Duo
  • Google Ad Manager
Google hit With A $5 Billion Lawsuit In Us For Tracking Incognito
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This is what the complaint said:

“This helps Google learn about users’ friends, hobbies, favorite food, shopping habits, and even the most intimate and embarrassing they search. Google cannot continue to engage in covert and unauthorized data collection from virtually every American”

Google Slapped With A $5 Billion Lawsuit

Xiaomi settled things down by rolling out updates and assuring people that there is no harm to their privacy. However, it seems that the attention has now shifted towards Google as the company has been slapped with a $5 billion lawsuit.

Google hit With A $5 Billion Lawsuit In Us For Tracking Incognito
Google Faces A $5 Billion Lawsuit
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According to the lawsuit, Google has been accused of invading the privacy of millions of Americans. The lawsuit in question here seeks $5 billion from Google and its parent company, Alphabet. The complaint says the proposed class may include “millions” of users and is looking for damages of at least $5000 for each individual.

Google’s spokesmanΒ Joel CastanedaΒ said that the company will defend vigorously against these claims. He said the following in his statement:
“As we clearly state each time you open an incognito tab, websites might be able to collect information about your browsing activity”


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