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Google Inc Has Made Its Meet App Free For All Use!

Google launches new video calling app "Google Meet"

Google Inc Extends Its Service

Google Inc is actually extending its availability to normal people for use. Previously, it was only for folks in the service. This is the first time that a particular product is being provided to people apart from enterprise employees.

It used to be a premium app where you had to pay in order to avail its features. This allows you to connect all over the world. Moreover, it guarantees the safety of your personal information too. You can video call and add almost a 100 people in those calls.

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Various apps are coming up with such schemes to improve both, the customer as well as the provider’s situation. Facebook came out with its Messenger video calling feature too (though that allows only up to 50 people at a time).

Reliance Jio is planning a similar launch too. After the Zoom app inconvenience, Telegram took the chance too to do the same.

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Why Google Meet Is Better Than Other Apps

On the wake of the pandemic, workers getting their job done from home relied on Zoom app. For a few weeks, it was so popular that everyone was using it. It didn’t take long for cybercrimes to happen. Looks like the zoom isn’t that safe after all.

Google Meet needs to copy one Zoom feature w/ free tier ...

When security issues were raised, Zoom’s CEO assured that the problem will be taken care off. That’s not good enough, by that time people were already looking for alternatives. Many switched to google classrooms but another permanent solution was required.

I think it’s a really good thing that Google allowed it’s Meet service to be free for some time. We all trust Google with our personal information, we have been using it since forever.

Features And Importance

Video calling is an unavoidable and essential part of our lives now. Students have to take their classes and businessmen have to organise their work. Google Meet will provide exactly this service, free of cost.

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It is easy to use, clear to understand and you can enjoy high-quality video calls even if you are miles away. There are enhanced safety controls, you can even share media and stream.

Moreover, there are already millions of accounts with Google, signing up isn’t an issue at all. It’s secure, smooth and familiar. That’s all the customer desires!

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