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Google Meet

Google Comes With For Efficiency

Google uses ‘’ shortcuts for various other platforms like Docs and Sheets. Now Google has come up with shortcut. Writing this on the search engine will open a new tab for Google Meet immediately. It is a way to enter into video calls in a faster way. It has also come up with an option of bookmarking ‘′ for your personal account, and ‘′ for work.

Google Meet Google Meet is a video conferencing platform. Any person with a Google account can use Google Meet. The platform got available for free users only in April 2020. The platform allows 100 people to come together for video conferencing. Companies use it for business video calls. It is also available in the form of an app. You can host or join video calls by either logging into your Gmail ID or by simply using the Google Meet app. It is very easy to use the platform for hosting video calls. It has a very simple interface and stands as a competitor to companies like Zoom and Cisco Webex.

Google Meet
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Zoom’s Security Concerns Boost Google Meet

During the pandemic, Zoom was constantly called out for its lack of focus on people’s security. The company policies on E2E security to its free users became a question on the privacy of its free users. The growth of Zoom started going down due to constant questions on its security. This gave traction to Google Meet. Teachers and businessmen started shifting from Zoom to Google Meet, and it gained a lot of prominence at that time.
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Effect Of Coronavirus On Google Meet

Video conferencing companies have experienced high growth due to coronavirus. Coronavirus has forced the people into social distancing. This has led to lockdown and quarantine in many countries. Corporate offices and educational institutions have been affected very badly due to the virus. Teachers were finding it difficult to explain chapters while it was getting difficult to get the work done in case of companies. Both these sectors resorted to video conferencing platforms to conduct classes and business meetings. Most schools and colleges started using Zoom for video classes. Google Meet was also used but only to a limited extent.

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