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Google Meet Compete With Zoom: AI-Powered Noise Abort!


After all the year’s Google is trying to compete with other apps in the video messaging space, in this time, Meet included the latest feature to cancel noise in video conferencing. This will cut out lots of annoying background noises, which we usually encounter in every video conferencing. In this pandemic time, where there is a high demand for video conferencing, this feature step forwards in the process.

This feature announced back in April, but the process takes almost one month to be available for the consumers. G Suite’s Director of Product Management Serge Lachapelle gave an interview with VentureBeat about how the feature works.



” It is really important to say this project stands on the shoulders of giants. Speech recognition and enhancement are heavily invested at Google over the years. And much of this work has been re-used now.” once one has AI detecting speech, you can use the AI to remove the voice from the audio.

He said, ”It is going to work well on a door slamming feature. It works well on everything, especially on dogs barking, kids fighting, and so-so. We are taking a softer approach to it at first. Sometimes we’re not going to cancel everything as we don’t want to go overboard. We don’t want to start canceling everything that we should not cancel.”


“Sometimes, it’s good for others to hear you taking a deep breath. Or those more of the natural sounds or noises. So, this is going to be a project that is going to go on for the upcoming many many years. As we tune it to become better and better and better in the process.”

Zoom is a big winner in this pandemic time, taking over the video conferencing war. The company faces a 30x increase in usage in this pandemic lockdown months. Also, Zoom is leading in the process by supporting more participants in a single video call.

However, Microsoft launched a free video-conferencing feature only a week before. As for Google Meet, it opened to the non-G Suite users in April. So, to win this war for Google, it may take time. But now it is ready to compete for sure.

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