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Google On Thursday Is Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Culture Week With An Interactive Doodle Of The Mbira, The County’s National Instrument!

Zimbabwe's Culture Week Doodle
Zimbabwe's Culture Week Doodle

Google Doodle On Mbira

As we know, Google makes a doodle for some of the occasions, across the globe. So, Zimbabwe will celebrate their culture week with their national instrument, mbira. Thus, Google on Thursday decides to celebrate Zimbabwe’s cultural week, with the interactive instrument. Mbira is an African musical instrument. This is a traditional instrument to Shona people in Zimbabwe.

The instrument is made with wood, by attached metal tines. So, people hold the instrument in their hands, when plucking the tines, we listen to the sound. Also, in southern and eastern Africa, there were many types of mbira. However, this instrument will play in many religious occasions, weddings, and social gatherings.

Mbira Features

Also, this instrument has some other names like finger harp, gourd, sands, sansu, thumb piano, and many more. Earlier, this was in Botswana, a movie like The Gods Must Be Crazy, which features a character. In this 1980 movie, the character will be playing the mbira. Thus, then people were thankful for this traditional instrument.

So, Google wants to join the group of honoring this instrument. Google decides to honor the instrument mbira with a Doodle. Thus, on May 21, 2020, Google had honored as part of Zimbabwe culture week. Also, the Doodle is having a button to it. So, it allows users to hear the music, which comes from the instrument. However, people have the chance of playing the instrument virtually and can listen to it.

Google Celebrates Zimbabwe's Culture Week With Doodle Of The Mbira /

Other Details

Also, this doodle is inbuilt with an animated story. In that story, a young girl will try to learn the mbira. Thus, it inspires the present generation to learn traditional instruments. Lastly, she becomes an artist as an adult for the new generation who are learning the mbira. Google took many efforts to create this doodle.

So, Google has travelled to Zimbabwe to learn about people, who are playing mbira. Also, they learned about Shona people and their culture. Sometimes, mbira will be placed in a large gourd, so that it helps to get large sound. People attach bottle caps, beads, and shells to create different sounds from mbira.


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