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Google Pixel Buds Issues, Problems Resolved!

Pixel Buds
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On 27th April, Google launched its new device- the Google Pixel Buds. These Pixel Buds are yet another earbuds developed by Google. They are specifically planned for comfortable use.

The audiences went crazy after Google launched this high- tech device and its stupefying features.

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What Are The Features Of Google Pixel Buds?

The Pixel Buds are customizable with 5-hour long battery life. The use is pretty simple and adaptable to first-time users.

The voice command in Pixel Buds makes it even more interesting, and If connected to Google Assistant, it gets easier. One can even attend to calls while using the Pixel Buds.

Pixel Buds created a buzz as soon as they launched because of their wireless charging and easy pairing.

Soon, the users found various issues in their devices. The minute issues grew up to be unmanageable ones.

Google Pixel Buds
Source: Android Central

What Were The Google Pixel Buds Issues?

After its release, Google Pixel Buds didn’t take a long time to be flooded with issues. The most basic issues were constant audio cuts, hissing noises, and the buds being out of sync.

But one of the major issues is the connectivity issues. People have been complaining that they couldn’t connect to their earbuds. Other than that, the draining battery in either of the buds is a leaping issue. Delayed audio in one bud also seems like a recurring problem.

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Now that most of the users faced issues, the workers at Google had to respond to them.

How Is Google Planning To Solve It?

Google has finally acknowledged the complaints and promised to look into it.

Some problems arose because people used different mobile phones, which didn’t allow them to use the device in its full capacity.

But, Google has reassured that they will work hard and try solving the problems as soon as possible. Stay tuned to find out more about what’s going to happen!

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