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Coronavirus Cure sold by Infowars is Fake


Alex Jones’ Infowars App Sells Fake Coronavirus Cure, Google Removes App from PlayStore

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the world grapples with immense fear and pressure. A kind of fear that makes a person lose their moral compass and compel them to take advantage of a helpless situation. The violation of the policies and conditions of Apps on the app store will always lead to a crisis. The Infowars app duped people into buying its products claiming them a coronavirus cure, thereby endangering the health of New Yorkers.

Alex Jones sells fake Coronavirus Cures on Infowars

What was Infowars’ fake Coronavirus cure?

Alex Jones, a radio host, and conspiracy theorist says that Infowars’ toothpaste and ointments can remedy the symptoms of the virus.

It is such small-minded and opportunistic people who harm the nation. Vulnerable people are at fear now, they can go to any extent to save themselves from dying when they see so many deaths in front of their eyes.

Alex Jones claimed that his products can kill the entire family of Coronawhen scientists are failing to find a proper Coronavirus cure, how can someone give a cure so easily?

These products can not even detect any disease and if anyone is taking medications without consulting a physician, they should stop immediately.

Profiting in the time of Corona

As the COVID-19 continues threatening people’s lives all over, Alex has profited from the loss of other’s lives.

Not only him but a few other companies have also claimed that their products can cure life taking disease.

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Steps Taken

Google has permanently banned the app from PlayStore. The app had a record of one million downloads before it was removed and Jones was warned to stop selling misleading products to innocent and helpless people.


In this global pandemic, what we can do as individual citizens of the country is to be kind. This is the need of the moment and the exploitation can stop only if each one cares for the other.

We can do it. We can combat it. Our lives will be like before, very soon. Let’s not take advantage of people’s helplessness. Stay home, stay safe!




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