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Google New Default Setting Can Now Delete Your Data Regularly !

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Google’s Criticism On Privacy

Google New Default Setting: Google has often faced criticism for its data collection and privacy policy. It is often criticised for collecting data of its users which even the users are not aware of. People are using Google more than ever. Google has access to our location through Maps. It keeps a tab of our YouTube videos and recommends us with related videos. Moreover, our search history has a lot to do with the targeted ads that we receive. All this is possible only through data of our search and location history. Due to this, they even had to face Congress for confessing about its privacy policies.

Google's New Default Setting

Google’s New Privacy Policy

In order to improve its stance relating to privacy, Google has decided to make the auto-delete option as the default setting. Now the Location, web and app activity will get deleted automatically in regular intervals. Moreover, the web and app activity will get erased automatically every 18 months. You can change these settings if you like. The data collected on YouTube will be erased every 36 months. However, Google won’t change the setting of its existing users as it doesn’t want to force it on them.

Google’s Privacy Changes In The Past Few Years

Google’s New Default Setting: Ever since getting constant accusations on its privacy, Google has tried to improve it constantly. Google CEO Sundar Pichai made his statement through a blogpost. It said, “We’re guided by the principle that products should keep information only for as long as it’s useful to you. Privacy is personal, which is why we’re always working to give you control on your terms.” Google introduced the auto-delete option for location and web activity only a year ago. It allowed its users to delete the data in every three months or 18 months.

Google's New Default Setting
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More Changes From Google

Google is giving prominence to Security check-up feature, which assists users to check their security and privacy settings. Moreover, the company is also trying to promote its Password Check-up feature to let users know if their passwords have got exposed to any data breach. Google will make some updates to help users turn on the incognito mode more efficiently. You will just have to make a long press to your profile pic of google for that.


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