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Gotham: Best 5 Depiction Of Batman Villains Line Up

Gotham Best 5
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It has been a year since Gotham ended. But the show has been a joy to watch for everyone so far. The American television series produced by Warner Bros first premiered on Fox Network on 22 September. Since its release, the show has been a smash hit.

With IMDb rating them at 8/10, Rotten Tomatoes has graded the show at a whopping 77%. The show went on to air for 5 consecutive seasons before finally ending in April 2019. Gotham revolves around police commissioner Jim Gordon and the story of a young Bruce Wayne followed by his journey from Bruce to The Batman. Several new characters and supervillains from the DC universe were introduced by the show.


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Best 5 Batman Villains Line Up

Batman has been DC’s most prized possession. And Gotham has done a spot-on job of laying down Bruce’s journey in the most unique manner possible. Throughout the show, the show brought several new villains into the show. Not to brag, but it was the villains that brought the show its entire glory.

Let us take a look at the best 5 Batman villains that Gotham depicted:

5) Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a The Penguin

5) Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a The Penguin

There couldn’t have been a better casting choice for The Penguin than Robin Lord Taylor.Β Penguin was among the first arch-villain to appear on the show. The show saw Oswald Cobblepot outcasting the likes of criminal mob bosses such as Fish Mooney, Carmine Falcone, and Sal Maroni to take over as Gotham’s one true mob boss. And it was Penguin who paved the way for newer villains to emerge onto Gotham.

4) Barbara KeanΒ 

Barbara KeanΒ 

When the show first premiered, it was impossible to guess that Barbara Queen would go on to rule the Gotham mob. Her journey from Jim Gordon’s girlfriend to an evil mob queen has been amazing. Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) set the show ablaze with her performance.

3) Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney

The character of Fish Mooney was created out of the blue by the writers of Gotham. But this character owned every single minute of the scene she has been in. Jada Pinkett SmithΒ (Fish Mooney) truly showed the world how good she is.

2) Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul

Many of you might be wondering as to why we have kept Ra’s at 2 instead of 1. The competition for the top spot has been the toughest and it looks Ra’s is the runner up. The member of the league of shadows is the one and true ultimate villain. Multiple villains from the show are tied up with Ra’s in one way or the other. It was Ra’s who truly helped Bruce in becoming The Batman

1) Jerome ValeskaΒ 

Jerome ValeskaΒ 

Be it a Batman movie or a T.V show, Joker is at the very center of everything. And Cameron MonaghanΒ (Jerome/Jeremiah Valeska) did not disappoint with his performance.Β  Right from the high pitched laugh to his thirst for chaos, Jerome nailed every single aspect of it. Fans all over have considered his performance has a fitting tribute to the late Heath LedgerΒ (Played The Joker in The Dark Knight). Without question, Jerome Valeska tops the list of best 5 batman villains so far…..


For those who haven’t seen the show, you can stream all 5 seasons of Gotham on Netflix.



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