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Government Says Landlord Can Go Ahead With The Eviction Process Despite The Moratorium

Source: The New York Times

Landlords Can Start With The Eviction Process While A Moratorium Is In Place

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A government memo released on Friday. Landlords nationally can initiate the eviction process when a federal moratorium remains in effect. They are not to inform the tenants about the rights.

The new guidance from the Disease Control and Prevention Centers. The Department of Justice comes as eviction rights have expired in some states. Congress has not reached an agreement on the next stimulus bill so far. They are leaving millions at risk of losing their homes.

β€œWhile purporting to clarify the order, the guidance issued on Friday complicates it,” said Solomon Greene. Senior fellow at the Urban Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. β€œThese late additions to the original order seem designed to allow landlords to intimidate tenants into leaving sooner.”

The evictions were postponed till December. The CDC eviction moratorium following the president’s executive order. But the latest memo leaves some loopholes that allow landlords to push tenants to go before the deadline.

For example, the order is not intended to prohibit landlords from initiating eviction proceedings. According to the memo, the actual eviction of a protected person for non-payment of rent does not take place during the time of the order.

Also, the memo notes that the landlords are not expected to make their tenants aware of the moratorium on the eviction. The declaration form from the CDC states that the renters must fill it to qualify.

β€œThe president’s order to suspend evictions does not apply universally,” said Rajeh Saadeh, a real estate attorney at the Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh. β€œFirst and foremost, the tenants had to have used β€˜best efforts’ to obtain any and all government rental assistance.”

Renters And Conditions!

Source: The Washington Post

Renters must also meet other conditions, such as making $99,000 or less as a single person (or $198,000 or less as a couple) and risking homelessness if evicted. Suppose the declaration form is not filled out correctly. They may face fines or even prison time.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development disbursed $2 billions in grants. We are focusing on areas with increased risk of displacement. Most of those services have dried up. Negotiations for a new stimulus plan, with Democrats and Republicans at an impasse over the price tag and requirements of a new bill, have gone nowhere.

Greene said, “The remedy is not to sow further confusion or encourage landlords to threaten evictions that courts can not legally enforce.” “Instead, we need the federal government to step in and offer income support and rent relief and guarantee that tenants can remain stable and that landlords can afford to pay their bills during and after the pandemic.”

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