GTA 5 Comes With 5 Amazing Halloween/Horror Mods For This Year

GTA 5 Comes With 5 Amazing Halloween/Horror Mods For This Year

GTA 5 modding community has once again managed to please everyone. So far, we have got some of the best mods the gaming community has ever seen.

With Halloween being around the corner, fans can enjoy some best horror mods the game has created.

The House Of The Dammned

GTA 5 isn’t a scary game to play. However, the interesting creepy mods are perfect to go with this year’s Halloween. Fans will be satisfied by getting just the right amount of horror they need.

This is a good mod for those who want to explore the horror genre. It will also not disappoint the gamers who enjoy playing GTA 5. In this mod, Β the O’Neil ranch is turned into Baker Ranch from RE7.

Sewer Monster 1.0

One can find Easter Eggs littered throughout the map in GTA 5. A large number of those Easter Eggs are linked to a Sewer Monster that thrives in the drain and kills the workers.

However, there isn’t a Sewer Monster in the game for real. But players can certainly bring life to the monster with this mod. There is also a touch of mystery in it as gamers must find what leads to the disappearance of so many workers and kill the monster behind it.

Simple Zombies

Zombies are not new to the modern horror games. They are preferred as one of the most exciting creatures in the horror genre. So, the Simple Zombies mod definitely stands out. It has been created with the utmost attention.

It will manage to keep the interest of gamers and give them a good horror experience. You have to shoot all the zombies, but it isn’t a usual bunch of zombies attack. Firstly, you need to build a survivor camp and train your survivors to face zombies.

The Mexican Myths Mod

The Mexican Myths mod has brought out the scariest and horrifying creatures from Mexican Myth. One can see Myths such as Β El Coco, La Llorona, and El Chupacabras. Backstories further make the mod interesting.

The Mexican Myths mod creates a pretty tensed atmosphere. Context is also provided, which tells what makes these Mexican Myths terrifying so much.

Friday The 13th Mod

Halloween is incomplete without a Jason Vorhees mask. Friday the 13th and Jason are the protagonists of this mod. This mod straightaway puts the gamers against the horror legend. One must fight with all his strength and weapons to defeat the enemy.

So, to win in this awesome horror mod remember to fill your stocks with weapons and ammo. This is because Jason needs a real good beating to die.

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