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GTA 6: Alleged Leakes And Rumors!

GtA 6

GTA 6, the most famous, amazing, adventurous and loved the game of all time. Thanos is inevitable and so is this game. A lot of patience is required while playing this game. Recently, many rumors are going around about various leaks. In the article today, let us see. What is the real truth? What are the real rumors?

Leaks Which Might Be True

  • Project Americas might be a code name.
  • As we already know, Rockstar Worldwide Production is producing this amazing game.
  • It is believed that the game might be set up in Rio De Janerio.
  • Till 2015, the production was not working properly.
  • On the ground, missions would happen in Liberty city.
  • Comparing to other action game Red Dead Redemption, GTA 6 would be behind.Β 
  • A female playable person would not be there.Β 
  • The game is based in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • The main player’s name might be Ricardo.
  • Kacey is the narrator.
  • A huge humongous prison is expected to be a part of one mission.
  • Very famous 70s and 80s musical tracks on the radio.
  • Based on the Netflix web series, Narcos.
  • As of now the release date is unknown.
  • In total there would be four main people in the entire game

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Rockstar’s Saying

These surprising online rumors started after the Rockstar’s earlier president gave an interview with develop magazine. During the interview, he said, β€œI do not know when GTA 6 will come and how”. With this surprising statement, he suggested having some ideas for GTA 6. He did not release many ideas during the interview.Β 

The Predictions

According to previous updates and histories, many predictions can be true. In the real case scenario, only the employers and developers know about the most awaited GTA 6. The answer can easily be found by searching on google. But let us see here.Β 

With the help of previous updates, personal interests, google searches, clips of interviews many conclusions can be identified. This might be a structural approach to conclude.Β 

As per the previous release dates of their game series, GTA 6 can be expected to be in talks for its release during the 2020 fall season.Β 

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