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GTA 6 Leaks: Rumors, Release Date, Missions And Map Details

Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 Leaks: Rumours, Release Date, Missions:Β The Grand Theft AutoΒ video game series has been all over the world since 1997. GTA is one of the most exciting, challenging and adventurous game series.

Rockstar Games has developed as well as published the game series. We all have played GTA games since we were kids and it has never disappointed us. The nerving missions give us an exhilarating feeling.

Now, with the release of PlayStation 5, the next instalment of GTA game series i-e GTA 6 is coming on PS 5.

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Let’s dig into the details of GTA 6.

Rumours: Possible Locations And Release Date

Since the news of GTA 6 coming on PS 5 has come out, gamers are not able to control their excitement for the new instalment. Almost seven years back, the last GTA got released.

We all are excited for GTA 6 but here’s a piece of bad news- we’ve estimated the release of GTA 6 to be around 2023. I know, we all are saddened that we have to wait for another three years for the game to release but, it’s for the best.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Locations
Source: Nashville Chatter

The possible locations for GTA 6 are Vice City and Rio De Janeiro. Rumours say the era is between the 1970s and 1980s. The main character is in the middle of the drug trade fiasco inspired by GTA Vice City.

Map Details For GTA 6

We have seen that GTA 5 revolutionized the gamers’ outlook on what they should expect from the open-world games with its recreation of Los Angeles. GTA 5 gave us amazing locations as well as graphics. I won’t lie that I expect GTA 6 to surpass GTA 5 in every possible way.
GTA 6: Man Holding A Gun
Source: The Sun
One thing we all know is that we want to explore more areas on the map. In GTA 5 we could walk into a few buildings but, we want GTA 6 to give us access to more areas on the map.
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There haven’t been any confirmations from Rockstar Games regarding the access of areas. All of these are estimations we’ve collected from our sources.

GTA 6 Other Details

Regardless of when the new game will release, we know that GTA has always been one of the top 10 best games we have played.

In total, there are 16 GTA games in the series. It includes two expansion packs for the original and two expansion packs for GTA 4 with a dedicated multiplayer title. The most GTA games are GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas,Β GTA 3, GTA 4 and GTA 5.

Stay tuned to know more!


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