GTA Online: Halloween Cars, Weekly Discounts & Much More!

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It’s October and Halloween season is here! GTA online’s weekly update is on the way. The update matches with our festive mood. What better news can a real gamer and a Halloween lover get?

What Are The GTA Updates Of This Week?

  • Horror-themed activities and missions are the significant highlights of this update.
  • Select Halloween vehicles are introduced.
  • By doing a lot of Halloween inspired tasks, the players can earn double or triple coins and RP.
  • Like always, there will be a discount on Β Sports Classic cars.

The discounted items are mentioned below in the picture.

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Let Us Have A Look At Some Gorgeous Halloween Cars:

Albany Franken Strange: This masculine car looks like it came straight from 1920 to 2020. It also has a hipster vibe with it. This looks like a perfect cover for a vintage car magazine. However, please don’t get carried away by its old look as it has enough horsepower to give you a terrific experience on the road.

Albany Lurcher:Β Albany Lurcher was a 90s car which felt like its way ahead of its time. The Southern San Andreas Super Autos describes it as “Don’t take chances when it comes to your legacy: accessorise your demise and turn your death into a statement that nobody wants to hear.

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