GTA: Rockstar Games Co-Founder Is Relieved That Another Sequel Isn’t Coming Under Trump’s Rule

GTA: Rockstar Games Co-Founder Is Relieved That Another Sequel Isn't Coming Under Trump's Rule
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GTA: Rockstar Games Co-Founder Is Relieved That Another Sequel Isn’t Coming Under Trump’s Rule: GTA has not only been popular but also managed to fulfil all the expectations. At the present moment, it is one of the best game series.

Many people have tried to grab the throne but all efforts in vain. Not a single person has even come close to the target.

Grand Theft Auto Satire Is What Makes It Different From Other Games

What makes GTA interesting from other games is its cutting-edge satire. Rockstar Games, led by its co-founder Dan Houser, has missed no chance to craft humorous writing.

Houser has left Rockstar Games after his long service and was the charge of writing massive hit games such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

Houser Was Relieved That The Studio Has Decided To Go With Red Dead Redemption Sequel

Dan revealed in an interview that he was pleased by the studio’s upcoming sequel of Red Dead Redemption rather than another GTA series.

GTA series has spare nobody to provide entertainment. It has even mocked many political figures and no topic seems sensitive enough for the Rockstar Games. However, Houser was worried about releasing another GTA franchise because of US President Donald Trump.

Dan Houser Believed That It Is Difficult To Satirize About The Current Political System In The US

He said that the current political system of the US is a significant cause of worry. Trump just can’t be ignored if another sequel was to be created. The humour in GTA 6 could have hurt the sentiment of many people.

“Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are very militant and very angry. It is scary, but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd,” said Dan Houser.

He further added that it is not easy to create satirise all this political stuff. It would be outdated in no time as everything changes quickly in politics.

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