Gtech, UK: Manufacturers Says Government Asked To Halt Ventilator Production : While the world is facing a huge shortage of medical equipments to fight coronavirus outbreak .
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Gtech, UK: Manufacturers Says Government Asked To Halt Ventilator Production

GTech UK government

While the world is facing a huge shortage of medical equipment to fight the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve got news that the UK government has asked halt British based manufacturer Gtech from producing ventilators. Since then the British government’s decision drew criticism. Here is a look at what’s happening around:-

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Corona Strikes In UK

On 20th March, there were nearly 4000 cases of Coronavirus in the UK. The UK government realised that there is a huge problem coming towards them. On 20th they released tenders regarding the production of ventilators & other medical equipment.

GTech UK government

Two companies answered that call. One was Dyson and another, Gtech. Both of which are now working on ventilators, hardware & other medical equipment’s. Dyson, the globally recognised appliance maker is working with The Technology Partnership (TTP) on a brand new ventilator design called the CoVent.

Other side Gtech is a U.K. home appliance and vacuum maker. Certainly, Gtech is ready to make 30000 ventilators within a span of 2 weeks.

Cancellation Of GTech UK Manufacturer

On 26th March, suddenly there is news coming; the UK government has asked Gtech to halt the production of ventilators. This news surprised the whole world and got the attention of international media. Certainly, some allegations were made on the US government. Both sides came forward and make statements regarding the cancellation of the project.

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GTech UK government
Gtech undated handout photo of their prototype Ventilator. The company which specialises in making home and garden appliances has designed a medical ventilator to be used in hospitals in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.Β 

GTech Response

Nick Grey, Chief Executive of Gtech told Worcester News reported that he had been advised by the government on 26 March not to continue making ventilators. Despite his company answering the government’s call for help in producing more than 30,000 of the machines just two weeks prior.

UK Government’s Response

A government spokesman came forward and said β€˜We had an overwhelming response from businesses across the UK offering their support. We are very grateful to Gtech for their effort. Unfortunately, the Gtech ventilator model did not pass the Government’s stringent safety tests. Hence we will not be proceeding further. They also present some background reports. Reports say that the Gtech model is not up to standards.

GTech UK government

Theories Regarding the UK Government

There were some more interesting criticisms. British prime minister Boris Johnson gets allegations for putting β€˜Brexit Before Breathing’ by not signing up to EU’s ventilator scheme. In the meantime, Boris Johnson found tested positive for COVID-19. Reports also claim the government has given orders to Dyson to make 10,000 ventilations.

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