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Guess What Joe Biden Called Donald Trump… A CLOWN!

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: Morning AG Clips

Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump A Clown

Guess What Joe Biden Called Donald Trump… A CLOWN!: Joe Biden and Donald  Trump came together for the presidential debate with Chris Wallace as the moderator. Trump was always cutting off Biden and was not allowing him to speak. The discussion between the two nominees was very ugly, with the two discussing many things from coronavirus to police brutality. Joe Biden got irritated when he was again interrupted by Trump and called him a clown. He said, “It’s hard to get a word in with this clown.” Both sides tried to assert their points while getting interjected by the other.

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: Morning AG Clips

Joe Biden Criticizes Donald Trump For Holding Physical Rallies

Donald Trump has organized physical rallies as a part of his election campaign. People have come out in large numbers and stood as a crowd without any social distancing. Many scientists, including Dr Fauci, was against this move and warned about the spread of viruses.

Moreover, not many people wore masks during his campaign which added to the risk. Biden criticized Trump for doing that, but Trump defended that Biden was jealous of not being able to attract crowds for his campaign. He said:

“People want to hear what I have to say.”

Donald Trump Accuses Joe Biden Of Turning US Into Prison For Coronavirus

Joe Biden has always asserted that he would go for a lockdown if the scientist of the US recommends him to do so. However, Trump does not like the idea due to its impact on the economy and how it will turn the country into a prison. However, Joe Biden stood with his vision and was firm that for the US economy to recover, the government must find a way to curb the virus and that is why he won’t be afraid of going into lockdown.

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: WOSU Radio – WOSU Public Media

When Is The Next Presidential Debate Between Trump And Biden

Trump and Biden will come face to face on October 15 in the next presidential debate when the two come together for another round of heated arguments. Moreover, vice-president nominees Harris and Pence will also discuss on October 7.

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