Hailey Baldwin Shuts Pregnancy Rumors After Justin Pranks Fans!

Justin Bieber recently uploaded a picture with the love of his life Hailey Baldwin. The picture was so special as it created a ruckus all over the internet. Justin Bieber captioned the picture saying mom and dad. Fans at first were very confused at what exactly Justin Bieber is trying to say. However, fans were quick to jump to conclusion that they are expecting a baby anytime soon. Check out everything you need to know about it.


As soon as the picture went viral all over different social media platforms Hailey Bieber thought it was a good idea to shut down the rumors as it can create more drama. On the picture that was uploaded by Justin Bieber she commented saying that no baby is here. Making it very clear that they are not expecting any time soon. but it left France more than confused as to why Justin Bieber would post such a picture with a caption like that in the first place.

Justin And Hailey

Soon after Justin Bieber uploaded the picture with Haley Baldwin eight went viral all over different social media platforms. It even broke the internet And created a lot of chaos all around. However, as fans are jumping to conclusion that the supermodel is probably pregnant. Hailey Bieber was quick to shut down all the rumours by commenting on the same pictures confirming that there is no baby on the way.

Picture via Instagram

After Hailey Baldwin shut down all the rumours fans thought Justin Bieber was just joking with them as he always does. And probably they would be a mom and dad for a dog or a pet. However, thousands of fans still believe that there is a baby on the way and the couple is expecting. but for people who follow Justin Bieber since a very long time no how he loves to prank his fans. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.
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