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I am back with another exciting game, which to sounds mysterious with its name that is the HALF LIFE-ALYX, so for making it more clear let’s move forward with our journey to make this moment happening for all those players, who want to play this game.



so there is no exact date been given by the composer for the launch of this game, it is likely to be released in-MARCH 2020. So that’s not a very long period to be the sufferer of it, let’s end this wait, by our excitement on the revealing factors.


HALF-LIFE- ALYX is an upcoming virtual reality game, which is the first-person shooter which is developed by a valve.

So about this game, a detailed vision cannot be seen, but to “quench your thirst” of games, we have little info regarding this game. Hence, as the publisher describes it- valve as its ” flagship” VR game, HALF LIFE-ALYX is being developed with the Source 2 engine,

Here the players use VR to interact with the environment and the main thing to ” fight with the enemies”, by the use of the ” gravity gloves” to manipulate the objects, similarly to the gravity-gun.

And overall this game is based upon the players control freeman’s ally Alyx Vance as she and her father Eli Vance fight the combine, an alien empire that has conquered earth.

Now the essential facts, traditional HALF-LIFE elements such as exploration, puzzles, combat, and story are to return, and as the genre of this game is about the first-person shooter, consisting of a single-player mode, all the weapons can be used one-handed making it more flexible, as the publisher wanted the player to have a hand free to interact with the world at all times, making it more thrill at the end.

So players, use all your, virtual images, and keep your level up, peacefully synchronise everything and act as the proactive killers!

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