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Half-Life Alyx: One Of The Earliest Mods For The Game Adds A Horde Mode!

Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life Alyx: Adds Horde Defense Game Mode:

Half-Life Alyx launched only about three weeks ago. But the Valve game already generates a veritable surfeit of mods. The most foreseen mod is the one that lets non-VR players experience the game without having the use of a Virtual Reality headset.

However, those who are planning to play using VR can enjoyΒ the ‘XenThug’ mod. ‘Manello’ is a modder who created this mod. This mod adds a rather simple, yet potentially fun providing horde defense mode.

XenThug Mod:

XenThug introduces a brand new game mode to Half-Life: Alyx. The players shall prepare for smashing waves of zombies, petting crabs to death, and many more.

Half-Life Alyx
The new horde mod in the Half-Life Alyx is available now.

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Half-Life Alyx: Gameplay

In between fights, one needs to manage his economy. He shall also collect money from the dead fools and buy himself ammo, health, and more. One can buy these at the four vending machines placed on the map. Then prepare yourself for the next wave, your high score may end right there!

Many waves of enemies approach you, and you shoot them. In addition to that, every fallen enemy drops a bit of currency. You can spend between rounds in getting various equipment.

According to the FAQ, the mod will throw a bunch of waves at you. These waves feature different enemy types. But once these are passed, it will cycle back to the beginning. Only the enemies will have double HP.

Half-Life Alyx
The gameplay of the new horde mod in Half-Life Alyx.

Manello’s Word:

Manello writes that it is effortless to implement the mod to other user-created maps. So if XenThug gets popular, expect an incursion of plans designed for it. The instructions to download and install are over here, and it’s effortless to download it.


However, people have many questions regarding the game. Some of them can be clarified with this. You can see your current score on one of the monitors in the office room.

You will not be able to get the shot-gun without the yellow key. There is no end to this XenThug game mode. Once you fought against all available waves, you will receive the very first wave again. But the second time it will double its life.

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