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Half-Life: Alyx(2020)- Best Virtual Reality Headset


Half-Life: Alyx(2020) Quick Look

Half-Life: Alyx is a video game based on virtual reality, developed and published by Valve. It started exploring with Virtual reality when people recognized the demand for a large scale VR game. It was release on March 23, 2020. Players use Virtual Reality to interact with the field and fight enemies. This is done using gravity gloves to manipulate objects similar to the gravity gun from Half-life 2.

The Best VR Headset

This game can be run on Microsoft Windows and Linux based PCs.It also supports most PC-compatible Virtual Reality headsets. Valve also stated with an intention that there were no plans for a non-Virtual Reality version. It took place between the events of Half-Life(1998) and Half-Life 2(2004).

Half-Life Vance

Players control Alyx Vance, as she is task on a mission to seize a super weapon. She is portray as a young woman. She assists in combat and allows the players to progress. This game has a first-person shooter. Mainly, this is focus on guns and other weapons. In the 21st century, the first-person shooter is the most commercially viable video game genre.


The player experiences the action through the eyes of the main character. It also provides advanced 3D and pseudo-3D graphics with challenged hardware development. Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network discovered a pre-release build of the game. That included non-Virtual Reality developer tools.

Survival-Horror Aspects

This game also has some survival horror aspects. survival Horror focuses on the survival of the character as the game tries to frighten players. This game is one of those video games which are inspire by horror fiction. It is intend to scare its readers by including feelings of horror and terror.

The player is challenge to find items that unlock the path to new areas and solve puzzles to proceed in the game. The player faces many challenges to make combat unattractive. It will be a full-length title design to be play for hours. With the gravity, gun players can directly manipulate objects in the real world. This allows them to be used as projectiles against hostile characters. It allows the player to manipulate an enemy’s object position.

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