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Halo Infinite: Is Going To Release In 2020 Despite Covid -19!

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the 6th addition to the Halo series, after Halo Guardians. It will get back to the chapter Reclaimer Saga and go on with the Story of Master Chief.

Halo series came out years ago, and it is an Xbox original. It is made available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows. It was announced in 2017, but the storyline was under process since 2015.

Trailer and Features

The trailer in E3 2018 was a lot of relief. This time, Master Chief will be playing a more crucial central role as the main character than the previous Halo 5. Last time it faced drawbacks due to the unavailability of split-screen. This time, it will probably be added. We love that option, don’t we?

Halo Infinite
New Halo Infinite with its perfect graphics.

The game will have lots of enhancement if played in the Xbox Series X. The directors confirm Master Chief’s Mark VI armour design posing resemblance to Halo 3 and 4. Moreover, the plot is set over the Halo ring itself.

The trailer has shown us some promising real-life feels, indicating amazing graphics.

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When Will It Release?

Are you aware of the fact that games, movies and series are delayed due to the pandemic? The gamers must be aware because they were previously worried about Elder Scrolls and some other games too. However, I don’t see any delay in the release of Halo.

Halo Infinite
The gameplay image of Halo Infinite.

Both Xbox series X and Halo Infinite are scheduled to be here around the holidays of 2020. No official delays are announced. I think the development process was more than halfway done, which can now allow them to cut some slack.

Matt Booty tells us that each studio is struggling to complete the production process. He understands that social distancing can be hard, and gaming is the only thing we can do. It keeps us busy and engaged with one another- not physically but online. The teams have United from their respective homes. Since Halo is a far bigger game than most individual ones, a little delay can be expected.

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