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Has China Developed Another Fatal Virus Deadlier Than COVID-19?

Has China Developed Another Fatal Virus Deadlier Than COVID-19?: It seems China didn’t stop at COVID-19. There is some speculation about a new virus in China.

The reports say this new virus has infected almost sixty people and already killed seven. Meanwhile, the infected people are still under-diagnosis, and researchers are trying to understand this new virus and its fatality rate.Β 

The scientists named it Bunyavirus.Β 

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This virus is infecting people from the Eastern side of China. It causes tick-borne disease, and it is highly infective. The virus is transferable from one human to another, and the medium could be blood mucus, etc. China’s people are currently suffering from high fever, which occurs due to the low blood platelet level.Β 

The virus first came in 2009. The mild symptoms were fever, rash, fatigue ness, etc.

Infectious disease expert says, if the virus gets serious in the initial stages, it might get lethal.


COVID 19 casualties

The reports say that this virus could have started in April and might have reached the neighbours of Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces. Recently, an older woman who worked as a Farmer in place Jiangsu got the virus. She had a severe fever and rough regular cough. Later the medical reports diagnosed her with SFTS. In total, there are thirty-seven cases.

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