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Hasbro Might Cut Ties With The Production Company Toei

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Power Rangers-Hasbro Reportedly Cutting Ties With The Production Company

Hasbro is reportedly reducing relations with Toei. The production company that produced the Power Rangers TV sequence with the Super Sentai footage used.

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Hasbro is reportedly reducing relations with Toei, the production company that produced the Super Sentai footage used in the long-running TV series of Power Rangers. The relationship between the beloved toy company and the Japanese manufacturing house spanned an extended period.

It begins in 1993 with the production of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers live-action series. It took footage of the Japanese series. It adopted five peculiar young people who turned out to be a superhero crew to protect Earth from galactic invaders and threats. The relationship with Power Rangers: Dino Fury, airing on Nickelodeon, has lasted into this decade.

There have been signs in recent years that the franchise was going in a different direction. They were finally abandoning the use of the Super Sentai footage altogether. Power Rangers, the 2017 live-action film, anchored by Lionsgate’s power and using original footage, was intended to jumpstart a franchise.

But those plans were squashed by mixed reception and low-profit. A year later, among other Saban organisations. Hasbro purchased the Power Rangers name, signalling to fans that maybe a new chapter for the franchise was imminent.

There Were Early Signs!

Hasbro is breaking ties with Toei, the Illuminerdi now says. This means that a lot of changes are about to take place.

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But there’s a big one: Power Rangers’ upcoming television seasons will no longer be using footage from their Japanese equivalent, Super Sentai. The trade also predicts that Dino Fury’s 2021 season may be the last for the long-running series; Hasbro’s deal with Nickelodeon, Dino Fury’s network, will also be expiring. This is valid only for the latest version of the franchise and not for the franchise as a whole.

The blow of this news should not be so surprising, coming on the heels of the bombshell announcement of the forthcoming Power Rangers cinematic universe. Hasbro does seem to have given this thought: without measured study. It’s not like they’re deciding on significant changes like this. For a younger audience, like the work of Alex Kurtzman on his Star Trek TV shows, there needs to be accessibility.

But there also needs to be something for the more experienced audiences. Since fans are the gatekeepers of success for a franchise of this calibre, for better or for worse, and they will not let a brand like Power Rangers die out too quickly.

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