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Haunted: Dog The Bounty Hunter Haunted By His Dead Wife

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Beth Chapman haunting her husband Duane Chapman

Haunted: Dog The Bounty Hunter Haunted By His Dead Wife: Even though the new couple is happy we can’t stop about thinking about the time Dog the Bounty Hunter spoke about being Haunted by his wife.

In 2019, after losing his wife, Duane Chapman believed that he would never find love, guess he wasn’t right.

Duane Chapman Haunted By His Wife

He first stated the fact about feeling his wife’s presence in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019.

The star stated that he felt her presence even though he can’t see her physical form. He believed that she was near him mentally and spiritually.

Duane Chapman with his late spouse, Beth Chapman

He had been married to Beth Chapman for 13 years, and they were parents to 4 children. Thought in 2019, he lost her due to cancer.

He believed that he would not find another Beth, and she would be the last love of his life. Even though despite the statement we guess he has seen another Mrs Chapman.

Duane Chapman’s New love

Duane, might have felt it that time but he eventually found another love in Francie Frane, the couple had hit their romance life and are currently engaged.

Source: The Sun
Dog, the Bounty hunter, got engaged to his late-friend, Bob’s wife, Francie.

They had an unusual meeting, Duane had been friends with his now-fiancee ex-husband Bob. Frane had lost her husband six months before Beth lost her life. They had the pain and suffering in common.

Duane had called up Bob’s not knowing about his death and Francie called him back after receiving the voice mail. The two got in touch with each other, and with a little support from a close friend, they ended up together.

Beth Chapman Lingering Presence

In Entertainment Tonight, Duane joked about his wife haunting him, or ended up telling the truth. Duane later said that Beth haunted him a bit, and he never expected there to be another Mrs Chapman.

Source:Daily Mirror
Duane Chapman with now-fianceΒ Francie Frane, after the death of his wife, Beth.

Also, he is currently engaged to his new fiancee Francie Frane. He is hoping that this will be the last Chapman and we hope the couple get happiness.

They have both been through a lot of suffering and pain, but both of them have stood by this time, giving each other the strength to pass the time.

Francie in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

Duane even said that he and Francie wouldn’t be leaving their late spouse behind even if they are moving forward together. They will respect and honour their death anniversaries, claiming that they are a part of them.

He even thanked Beth for bringing Francie into his life.

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