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Haunting Of The Hill House Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Rumours About Release

This year might have brought us a lot of horrifying things, but this show isn’t the same kind of horrifying. The Haunting of the Hill House Season 2 is soon to out soon. It has in store a bundle of bone-chilling episodes with a renewed name- The Haunting of Bly Manor.

The Cast

Before going forward into anything else, we must ensure ourselves. Yes, the previous cast is coming out. No doubt we are used to seeing the same faces around, this is quite reassuring. On the contrary, we are not seeing the characters with the same name.

Luke, Steve, Nell, Shirley, Theo will no longer appear with the same name or even the same relationship. I began by saying ‘ a bundle of episodes’, remember? That directs towards multiple characters.

Haunting Of The Hill House

Oliver Jackson, Kate Siegel and Victoria Pedretti are making a comeback. Sad to say, a few members of the drain family will not be returning.

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Shirley Jackson To Henry James

The prior season was an adaption of the novel The Haunting Of the Hill House by Shirley Jackson. The current show, however, will adapt to something creepier and older but with a combination of horrors from various stories. Confusion? Let me explain.

The main plotline would be from the book ‘The Turn Of The Screw‘. But, there are several turns in it than expected. Henry James has written a good amount of thrillers and I think featuring some of them throughout the main plotline isn’t an idea at all. In fact, that would only make things more exciting.

Storyline Proceedings

The first story revolved around the grain family and their kids. As the children got used to seeing ghosts, we could have never imagined that the house was shifting as a whole to spook them all out. The ghosts from the past were not suppressed but the couple stayed behind so that their children could go out free. Will season 2 follow up? Absolutely not.

It all begins with the governess who strangely moves to the manor, the Bly Manor. She takes in two orphaned children with her (niece and nephew to another man). Pete, a strange character, is swirling up more trouble in the Manor.

Haunting Of The Hill House

As the story of The Turn of the Screw begins, numerous stories simultaneously begin too. Namely- The Romance Of Certain Old Clothes, The Jolly Corner, and another dozen of Henry’s works.

Release Date

So far we know that the filming process was finished off in Vancouver, as announced by Mike himself over Twitter.

The first season came out around October and we can expect something similar this year too. It’s about time to be Halloween!

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