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Have A Look At The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Exclusive Look Featuring Denise And Lisa In A Tense Conversation!

Check Out The Real Housewives Exclusive Look Featuring Denise And Lisa In A Tense Conversation
Source: Bravo

Have A Look At The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Exclusive Look Featuring Denise And Lisa In A Tense Conversation!: The Real Housewives is getting a new episode. Please take a moment to see its exclusive look.

Denise Denies Having Affair With Brandi Glanville

After a leisurely dinner in Rome, Lisa went on to see Denise Richards. Denise altogether avoided having any discussions regarding Brandi Glanville. However, Brandi claims that she had sex with Richards.

Denise further accused Brandi of sleeping with any woman she communicates. That also includes some person involved in the cast.

Lisa told Richards that it felt a little amusing to her. The timing of Richard’s revelation about Brandi sleeping with someone in the cast was the reason. It was just 24 hours after Brandi got condemned for having an affair. Lisa sensed something wrong in the statement and called it a deflection.

The Conversation between Lisa And Denise

Lisa was telling Denise not to do tit for tat. She pleaded her to stop. To this, Denise replied that Lisa shouldn’t attack her. She further continued that she had taken her stand before. When Kyle was yelling at her, Denise supported her. Still, she is not a good friend.

“I was just trying to clear the air last night, and I did it in a f**king terrible way,” Lisa confessed. She also felt responsible for the dinner where Brandi got accused of having an affair.

“That’s where I’m like, what the f**k? How would you f**king feel? Is that a friend? And I’ve never experienced this with you, and I’ve known you a long time,” Danise questioned Lisa.

Lisa hurts Denise

Lisa calmly replied that she respects him even if Denise is angry with her. To that, Denise replied that he isn’t mad, but her feelings are hurt. Lisa started crying and said that she did not want to hurt Richards repeatedly.

Denise told her to stop it then.

She further added that she likes to tackle her problems herself. On some points, they may agree or disagree, but ultimately they move on.

However, she felt that after a point, it just started going on and on without a pause. That was too much for her to bear. She concluded by saying that she has nothing to say if this continues any more.

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