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Heidi Klum Gets A Passive Win As She Gets To Take Her Kids To Germany Amid Strong Restrictions From Ex-Husband Seal !

Heidi and Seal
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Heidi Klum Files For An Immediate Court Hearing Against Ex-Husband Seal

For the past few days, Heidi and her ex-husband Seal were going through a legal feud. Heidi has to leave for Germany for shooting Germany’s Next Top Model. Since she is contractually obliged, she cannot breach the contract. However, she wanted to take her kids along which her ex-husband Seal opposed. So she filed for a hearing as she wanted to take her kids no matter what. She wanted them to spend some time with her parents. She even made proposals for adjustments like Seal coming to Germany for his kids, kids spending Christmas with him, etc

Seal Opposes To Heidi Klum Taking Kids To Germany Due To Her Secret Agenda

Heidi is a model from German origin. Seal had a big fear that Heidi may take the kids to Germany and may not return and relocate their kids to Germany. Moreover, with the coronavirus coming in, travel restrictions may deepen and the borders may get closed. This would lead to further delays in returning from Germany to the US. Seal feels any delay will reduce his time with kids and will further ruin his relationship with his kids. Last but not the least, he was worried that it is not safe for his kids to travel amid coronavirus.

Heidi Klum And Seal Reach An Agreement For Heidi Klum To Take Kids To Germany

Heidi and Seal finally reached an agreement where Heidi is allowed to take her kids to Germany. However, it comes with certain terms and conditions. As per their agreement, Heidi can take her kids to Germany. However, Seal will get to spend more time than usual when they return from there. Moreover, he is free to come to Germany and visit them and Heidi cannot stop that in any way.

Heidi and Seal
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Heidi Klum Has To Make Sure To Reach The US Before Border Closes

In case the travel restrictions increase and the border closes, Heidi must do everything beforehand to ensure that her kids reach back to the US before the border closes. With this new agreement, everyone seems to be winning the fight.

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