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Here’s A Timeline Of Ariana Grande’s Relationship With Dalton Gomez !

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Ariana Grande Opens Up On Relationship With Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande has finally made her relationship with Dalton Gomez official on Instagram. She made it official a few hours before her birthday. She has kept a long silence on this relationship probably learning from her past mistakes. Dalton Gomez is not from the entertainment industry and is a real estate agent. After months of silence, Ariana has made her relationship public. Here is a detailed timeline of the Ariana-Dalton relationship.

Source: TheNationRoar

The Start Of Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez Relationship

The rumors of their relationship started in January. Moreover, both of them started making headlines after paparazzi spotted them together on numerous occasions. Ariana was kept silent on her part to avoid media attention. Her previous break up with SNL star Pete Davidson garnered a lot of media attention. In February, tabloid news website TMZ published a video of both of them kissing at Bar Louie in Northridge, California.

Ariana Grande Spends Quarantine Time With Dalton Gomez

Everything was going hunky-dory when the coronavirus pandemic hit the US very hard. The government ordered a lockdown and people were forced to stay indoors. However, it came as a blessing in disguise for them. Ariana and Dalton decided to spend the quarantine time together and started living under the same roof. As per their close friends, they were having the time of their life together.

Dalton Gomez Features In Ariana Grande’s Song

After the lockdown, Dalton made regular appearances in the Instagram stories of Ariana. By this time, fans were very sure that the two were indeed together. However, Ariana decided to make the relationship official in May and she did it in style. Ariana collaborated with Justin Bieber for a music video released in May. At the end of the video, she is seen dancing with her boyfriend to the tunes of her song.

Ariana Grande's Relationship
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Ariana Grande Goes Instagram Official With Dalton Gomez

Finally, Ariana decided to give a gift to her fans on her birthday when she posted her first picture with her boyfriend. She even put a story where she is indulging in some cute PDA with Dalton. It seems both are having a good time together and the fans are happy for Ariana.


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