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Here’s What Will Smith Did When A Instagrammer Made An ‘Entanglement’ Joke !

Will Smith
Source: Complex

Will Smith Gets Trolled In Latest Instagram Post

Will Smith has not stopped with his Instagram posts even after all the controversy surrounding his wife’s affair with musician August Alsina. He has kept his Instagram feed funny even after people started trolling him for the Red Table Talk episode with his wife. On a recent post, Will Smith got some harsh yet funny trolls that referred to his wife’s ‘entanglement’ with the musician. The latest post shows Will Smith exercising and many fans were in awe seeing the actor. However, among the trolls, one user wrote, “Ok don’t get entangled.”

Will Smith
Source: Complex

Will Smith Hits Back On One Instagram User

The user who wrote this comment got a reply from Will Smith in the most hard-hitting and sweet way possible. One could not make out if Will was just being sarcastic and serious or was his usual witty self. He replied to that user’s comment, “Hahaha… Okay… I can admit it. That’s Funny! I’m definitely gonna block you. But the joke was Very Funny!” It looked like Will Smith did not like the comment and did not want to show his real wrath on the person. The user might have learned his lesson.

Why Is Everyone Trolling The Smiths With The Word Entanglement?

The reason for using the word ‘entanglement’ to troll Will and Jada goes back to their latest Red Table Talk episode. Jada Smith reportedly admitted to having an affair with August a few years back. However, she was constantly referring to it as an ‘entanglement’. Will Smith made her say that it was, in fact, a relationship. Viewers could see her hesitation in calling it a relationship. After the episode went online, people stuck on to that word and used it for making funny memes relating to entanglement and cheating.

Source: US Magazine

August Alsina Also Trolls The Smiths

August Alsina revealed in an interview that he was okay with Jada calling the relationship and entanglement as that was the exact way to describe it. However, a few days later, contrary to his words, he released a song called ‘Entanglements’. He indirectly targeted Will and Jada through word placements and puns.

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