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Highest Number Of COVID-19 Cases In The UK Within Four Months: 3,539

Highest Number Of COVID-19 Cases In The UK Within Four Months: 3,539: The coronavirus cases in the world is increasing day by day and has a total of 28,700,983. The United Kingdom alone has 361,677Β  COVID-19 cases. The number of new topics is 3,539, which is the highest rise in the number of cases in four months.

In England, public health officials said most of the new cases are people from the community and younger people. They have even warned saying, “worrying signs of infections occurring in the elderly.’ The Department of Health confirmed new six deaths this evening, bringing the total death toll to 41,608.

It is the number of deaths within 28 days, who have tested positive for COVID-19 and died.

A Medical Director, at Public Health, England Yvonne Doyle said:

“3,539 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported overnight, compared to 2,919 overnight cases reported yesterday. Most of the cases are people tested in the community.”

He reminded of the ongoing risk of coronavirus, as it spreads throughout the UK. Earlier it was younger people with more number of cases, but now even older folks are getting more infected.

Health officials are reminding us every day to maintain social distancing, wash hands daily, wear a face mask in enclosed places. They have to abide by the rules.

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There is an estimated growth rate in every country. Showing the number of new infections is either shrinking by as little as 1% or growing by 3% daily.

Today’s figures show that the UK’s coronavirus R rate is officially above one and could be 1.3 in London and the North West. The growth rate is in a range of -1% to +3%.

In England, there is a doubling of coronavirus cases every seven or eight days, even if the R rate may appear relatively low.

There is a spike in coronavirus cases in Birmingham, leading to local lockdown restricting household mixing.

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