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Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Are TIRED! Their Latest Picture Says It All!

Alec Balwin Hilaria Baldwin
Credit: Instagram

Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Name Their Kid Eduardo

Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Are TIRED! Their Latest Picture Says It All!: Hilaria Baldwin recently gave birth to her fifth child. She shared a photo with her husband, Alec, and their newborn son from the hospital. Hilaria gave constant updates post her delivery and shared pictures of reaching back home with the baby. In the photo that she shared, announcing the birth, she asked her followers to stay tuned for the name of the baby.

Well, now we do have a name, and that is Eduardo. She took to Instagram to share the photo of the baby and announced the name on the caption. She said, β€œWe would love to introduce you to Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin. He was born on Sept 8, 2020, at 7:46 pm. The baby weighed 7lbs 8oz. His name means β€œwealthy guardian of peace and light”. We love you, baby Edu.

Alec Balwin Hilaria Baldwin
Credit: Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin Shares The First Picture Of Her Entire Family

Hilaria recently posted a picture on Instagram that had her entire family for the first time post the addition of a new member. The post clearly shows that Alec and Hilaria are tired after the birth of Eduardo while the rest of the kids are tuning in to the TV. The caption said:

β€œYesterday, when we got home with Edu, after the initial wildness of meeting him, we watched a movie of their choice. Two tired parents, all of our Baldwinitos together…hearts full.”

Hilaria BaldwinΒ  And Alec Talks To Her Kids About 9/11

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Hilaria decided to talk to her kids regarding the importance of the date. However, she had a different talk with each of her four kids as per their age. She revealed this to the people through the caption, which said:

β€œToday we wake up to 9/11 and I think about my little New Yorkers, my little beings of this next generation. We talk to them about the significance of today, in different ways to each, as they are different ages.”

Alec Balwin Hilaria Baldwin
Source: The SunAlec Balwin Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin Remembers The Victims And Heroes Of 9/11

Hilaria also made the post about the people relating to 9/11 as she remembered them in the centre. She said:

β€œWe remember, we mourn, and we honour. As their mother, I meditate on how I can raise them to make this planet more peaceful, more respected, and safer.”

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