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Hilaria Baldwin And Alec Baldwin: Hilaria Is Having A Blast With Her Four Kids As She Awaits Baby Number Five With Alec Baldwin !

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin with their four kids
Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin Talks About The Advantage Of Having Many Kids

Hilaria and Alec are very different parents. While many people nowadays try to avoid more than two children, the two already have four with a fifth one on the way. Moreover, Alec also has daughter Ireland (24) from his first marriage. Hilaria Baldwin gave some good insight as to what works in favour of big families. “The best thing about having a big family is there’s just so much love. They say when you have one kid, you’re like, ‘I could never love another person as much as I love this kid.'” Hilaria said. “Then you have another one, and you realize you can. And that doesn’t change as you have more and more and more.”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin with their four kids
Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin Reveals What Keeps Her Children Going During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone practice social distancing. People can’t meet others freely, and it has become a real botheration. However, Hilaria feels that her children have each other as a company that keeps them away from the botheration of social distancing. She said, “I’m really grateful for my kids having playmates in the house during this time [of the coronavirus pandemic] when they have to social distance from most people in their lives. So it’s been really lovely, and I feel very grateful.”

What Is Hilaria Baldwin Grateful For During This Pandemic

The pandemic has put a big question mark regarding the health of every individual. At this point, Hilaria is just grateful that everyone in their family is healthy. She feels she is lucky that everyone in her family, including her, is safe and healthy and that feeling of gratitude helps her to be positive.

Alec and Hilaria
Source: Today

Hilaria Baldwin’s Children Make Her Laugh All The Time

Hilaria Baldwin owes a lot to her four children as it has been a tough year. Her kids make her laugh, and all the laughing has kept her away from all sorts of negativity. Hilaria is trying hard to be with her kids and laugh all the time as it is challenging to be a parent in this time of coronavirus.

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