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Hilary Tisch Died Due To Depression At The Age Of 36! Reason Here

One of the popular personalities Hilary Tisch died at 36 on Monday. Tisch was suffering from depression. She was the co-founder of the L.A. fashion label DΓ”EN. Moreover, she was a jewellery designer and collected vintage baubles. DΓ”EN is located at Brentwood Country Mart. Tisch had her sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland as partners in business. She started with DΓ”EN in 2015 and has been a great success. Besides this, the startup represents a significant symbol of women empowerment. She also had a pet dog- Pearl.Β 

About Hilary Tisch’s father

Hilary Tisch was the daughter of Steve Tisch. He is an entertainment tycoon who has acquired a prestigious status in the society. He is the co-owner of the New York Giants and also the producer of various films. The business tycoon even received several awards through the years of his career. He won a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and a Super Bowl Ring. Further, he was nominated for the Emmy Awards.Β 

All About Hilary Tisch Family

Hilary had a mother and four siblings. The cause of death is not so far confirmed.Β 
Hilary’s dad married twice. He and Patsy A. Tisch married and had two children together. Unfortunately, the couple split due to inevitable circumstances. In 1996, Tisch married again. He had three children, Elizabeth, Holden and Zachary, before separating from her second wife, Jamie Leigh Anne Alexander.

On August 10, 2020, Steve Tisch affirmed that his daughter, Hilary, died due to depression. He said that his daughter was a kind, caring and gorgeous woman. Hilary’s death left a serious impact on him, her mother, sisters, brothers. The whole family is devastated. Hilary was suffering from depression for a considerable time.

According to her family, Hilary had interests in antique jewellery. Her passion stimulated her to become a jewellery designer and gemologist.Β 

Hilary Tisch
Hilary Tisch

Giants co-owner John Mara’s statement

“On behalf of the Mara family and the rest of the Giants organization, I want to express our deepest sympathy to Steve and his family. Our hearts are heavy for their loss of Hilary. We pray for their peace and comfort.”

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