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Hollywood Review: Ryan Murphy’s New Netflix Series Has Little To Offer Beneath The Surface!

Poster image of new Netflix series Ryan Murphy’s "Hollywood"

Hollywood: The Series

1st of May this year, we welcomed a new Netflix series Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood. Currently, with a 7+ rating, this show seems to be going good, though it’s just been a week. Let’s dive into the Golden Hollywood Era.

This is basically set in the time periods after world war II, so we can also term it as a post-war series. Here, the cast members resembling various young actors/actresses will do absolutely anything to get into Hollywood. Sounds feisty, right?β€˜Hollywood’ Series Premiere: When is it Released on ...

The 1940s is the main focus, but it has way more freedom that is expected. Women, blacks and minorities enjoyed no rights, faced discrimination. Yet, here in Hollywood, everything is acceptable! Make love to whoever you want, famous people follow no rules.

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood: Cast Details

It has one of the best stars in it, let’s have a brief look:

  • David CorenswetΒ – Jack Castello
  • Laura Harrier – Camille Washington
  • Jeremy Pope – Archie Coleman
  • Holland Taylor – Ellen Kincaid
  • Joe MantelloΒ – Richard Samuels
  • Dylan McDermottΒ – Ernest West
  • Jake Picking – Roy Fitzgerald / Rock Hudson
  • Darren Criss – Raymond Ainsley
  • Samara WeavingΒ – Claire Wood
  • Jim ParsonsΒ – Henry Willson
  • Patti LuPoneΒ – Avis AmbergNetflix releases photos of upcoming series 'Hollywood'

With them, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennen are the main creators, with several other people behind the production.

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The Series Has Nothing Much To Offer

There is a lot going on in the series if you have a first look at it. But when you sit down to think, it has some uncanny resemblance from the La La Land.

We read above how minorities face no discrimination, and rules don’t apply to them. That was obviously sarcasm. In reality, discrimination was real at that time and upturned the lives of blacks and women to a great extent. They don’t show that in the series.Ryan Murphy's 'Hollywood' Limited Series: Netflix Release ...

Jim Parson is a sexual predator but in the series, he is shown as the good man. This is a huge setback and people are disappointed over this. Not just him, a lot of other people too had terrible personalities but here they are shown on screen differently.

The most important issue was- the series makes it seem easy. I bet it wasn’t even close to easy to land on a good role at present, let alone the difficult past. Have you seen the series? What is your opinion about it?

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