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Hopes Of Apple AirPower Rise As Rumors Suggest Apple’s Idea For Revival !

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Apple AirPower

Apple AirPower was an unreleased product from Apple. The product never went past the development stage due to technical issues. The Apple AirPower looks like a mouse pad that could charge anything from iPhone, AirPod, and Apple Watch. This was an effort from Apple to provide a charging station that had the capability of charging multiple Apple devices at the same time. This product was announced in 2017. It was expected to hit the market by 2018. However, Apple dropped the product altogether due to technical issues. Apple users were very disappointed as the idea immediately stayed with the people.

Source: CamRojud

Why Was Apple AirPower Cancelled?

The air of AirPower was to provide an easy way of charging multiple Apple devices at the same time. Apple maintained silence about the status of the product after its announcement in 2017. There were no statements from Apple regarding AirPower in 2018. It was only in 2019 that Apple informed the people that it had discontinued the idea of AirPower. They cited the reason as technical difficulties. The product had multiple coils that overlapped each other. This overlapping resulted in overheating when charging the Apple Watch. The product could have gained success, as it would have been a unique charging method.

Is Apple Still Working On AirPower?

Ever since March 2020, there is a strong rumor that Apple is secretly working on AirPower. The rumors also suggested that they have come up with a prototype that successfully charges the Apple Watch without any heating. A famous leakster Jon Prosser confirmed this news and said that the prototype successfully works for Apple Watch. In a tweet from April 10, he suggests that Apple has used A11 chipset used in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X to tackle the heating problem. However, Apple has made nothing of this sort official in any way.


What Jon Has Proposed About Apple AirPower

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Jon also revealed his theory regarding the product. He believes that the AirPower will have fewer coils and will have an A11 chipset, as mentioned earlier. The charging point for AirPower will come on the right side of the product. He estimates the cost to be $250.

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