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Hospitals In New York Hit With Ransomware Attack And 5 Things To Know

Source: ThreatPost

Ransom Attack On The New York Heath System

The same Russian hackers that American officials and analysts fear could sow confusion around next week’s election. They are targeting hundreds of American hospitals in cyber attacks.

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In exchange for multimillion-dollar ransom payments, the attacks, American hospitals, clinics and medical complexes are intended to take those facilities down. They want to keep their data hostage, just as coronavirus cases surge throughout the United States.

Russian Hackers Involved

One hacker involved in the attacks said in Russian,

“We expect panic.”

On Monday It was caught during a private conversation that a security company that monitors online criminals.
In recent days, several hospitals have reported cyberattacks in New York State and on the West Coast. But it was not clear if they were part of the attacks.

According to Alex Holden, the founder of Hold Security shared the details with the F.B.I., the Russian hackers. He thought to be based in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It has been exchanging a list of more than 400 hospitals they want to attack. Mr Holden said the hackers claimed to have compromised more than 30 of them already.

The Government Department Warned Of The Attack

On Wednesday, three government departments, the F.B.I., the Department of Health and Human Services and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security.

Source: ABC News

It warned hospital managers and security analysts, according to a security executive who listened to the briefing, about a “credible threat” of cyberattacks on American hospitals.

New York’s St. Lawrence Health System reported that two of its hospitals, Canton-Potsdam and Gouverneur, were struck Tuesday morning. It forced them to shut down computer systems and redirect ambulances. It froze the electronic medical records and postponed surgeries.

A ransomware attack has victimised three hospitals in New York’s St. Lawrence Health System. Meanwhile, Sky Lakes Medical Center, located in Oregon, also says its systems were hacked this week as opportunistic ransomware incursions in the pandemic era continue nationwide.

5 Things To Know About The Cyber Attack

Within hours of the initial attack, the three-hospital health system with sites in Canton-Potsdam, Massena and Gouverneur discovered a new version of Ryuk ransomware and disconnected its IT systems.
According to the study, the type of ransomware was not familiar with the health system’s antivirus software providers and security agencies. The Health Department of New York confirmed the attack and has been in touch with the health system.
The hospitals are on the protocol for downtime and are using offline documentation. CIO Lyndon Allen said the health system is taking action to restore its IT operations. On the day of the attack, started rebooting the system.
According to the state health department, St. Lawrence briefly diverted ambulances from its Canton-Potsdam site.

Hospital Informs Patients Data Not Compromised

The patient information was not compromised as per reports.

Source: HealthITSecurity

“However, communications with the medical center will be a little complicated until we can get our systems operating again. Our entire Sky Lakes team is working to counter this attack, and we will keep you updated on the ongoing details of our efforts to return business back to normal.”

The new campaign for American hospitals shows that the creators of TrickBot are undeterred. It reveals that they are switching to various methods and techniques for hacking.
Ms Goody said that for the first time in April, the instruments used in the recent hospital attacks appeared and were not as well known, making them more successful.
Whether the latest hospital attacks were revenge for the TrickBot takedowns was not clear. Microsoft said it took more than 90% of the TrickBot servers offline.

Mr Holden characterised the attack as a “wounded animal.”

The new episodes were not as well organised as the previous ones. They were a notable departure from an agreement in March. Between ransomware groups not to attack hospitals due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, he said.

By targeting hospitals now, Ms. Goody said, the hackers were β€œdemonstrating a clear disregard for human life.”

Cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis, but security experts say that a successful reaction to a ransomware attack depends on following some tried-and-true best practices.

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