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Hostess Slams ‘Youngest Billionaire’ Kylie For Giving A Measly Tip!

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Hostess Slams ‘Youngest Billionaire’ Kylie For Giving A Measly Tip!: Recently, aΒ former hostess who worked in a fancy New York restaurant, has spilt the beans on celebrities’ behaviour via a TikTok video.

The ex-hostess, namely Julia Carolann, told that Kylie Jenner, despite being the youngest billionaire, gave a measly tip of $20 for a fancy meal.

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Let us dig into the details for Kylie’s penny-pinching behaviour!

Kylie’s A Miser!

To quote the dictionary, a miser is a person who hoards wealth but spends as little as possible. We are well aware that the 22-year-old billionaire is one of the richest amongst the Kardashian-Jenner clan.
So, Julia Carolann, an ex-hostess, worked at a restaurant called Nobu in Manhattan, New York.Β Not a long ago, she created a TikTok video where she rated celebrities out of ten for their behaviour when Carolann served them.
Kylie and Julia Carolann
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Carolann came face to face with several models, actors and celebrities but, she was disappointed the most with our youngest billionaire.
In the video, Carolann said:
“She was fine, but she tipped $20 for a $500 dinner bill. Do with that information what you will.”
Julia further went on rating Kylie a solid 2 out of 10.

Fans Are Over It!

After Carolann’s video emerged, many of Kylie’s fans were vocal about Kylie’s lack of empathy. The viewers have flooded the video with comments pointing out Kylie’s tip to her wealth.

A viewer said:

“Kylie tipped $20 and she’s the youngest billionaire!”

Another one teased:

“That’s how she’s going to stay a billionaire.”

Kylie Jenner in the frame
Source: Yahoo News

However, a user justified Kylie by saying that it’s her choice to give how much ever tip she wants. She said:

“Why is everyone coming at Kylie? It’s her money, she can spend it how she likes, and at least she did tip. Maybe there’s a reason for it only being 20.”

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The Youngest Billionaire

Well, Kylie is supposed to be the youngest billionaire but, still, manages to be a penny-pincher. Fans, however, are disappointed in Kylie after Carolann’s video emerged.

However, Kylie giving a measly tip is not surprising as several times, the beauty mogul has eaten worth $1000 but gave tips such as $20, $30 and $50.

Kylie is known for flaunting her wealth and, being inconsiderate with her fans for a long time. Moreover, she shows off and is snobby to whoever decides to confront her.

But, due to the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, fans who see Kylie post videos and photos of her new possessions on Instagram are tired of it all and believe Kylie is tone-deaf.

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