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Houston Police Helicopter Crashed Into An Apartment Complex Early Saturday, Killing One Officer!

Houston Police Helicopter Crash into Appartment - Image from the scene

Officer Jason Knox

These times are so tough, I think all this negative energy is multiplying all around us. Last Saturday we lost a hero in the Houston police helicopter crash. Let’s hope his soul rests in peace, he was one of a kind.

Jason Knox was also a tactical flight officer. People were in a habit of seeing him behind his 1996 Chevrolet Caprice, a bluebird to be honest. He was a loving husband and a caring father.A Houston police union is mourning an HPD officer killed ...

Knox used to be a part of the Police Affairs Department, he trained for the air and Marine Division. We know we lost a hard-working officer and this is the saddest news for Texas at the moment.

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The Accident

The accident took place in Houston, Texas. Three police officers were sent on some fieldwork, more like bodywork. They were looking for possible dead bodies around the bayou.

They were 3, a tactical flight officer with his companion and the person flying the helicopter. Early on Saturday, around 2 a.m. the flights crashed into an apartment in the nearby area.Officer Jason Knox was killed after a Houston Police ...

All three of them were obviously rushed to a nearby hospital, almost immediately. Sadly, Jason Knox did not make it. The other officers aren’t in very good condition themselves.

Jason’s wife and two young kids were also present at the hospital. I bet they weren’t expecting to lose their father so soon in life. His parents and in-laws joined the family to mourn together and say a final goodbye. Goodbyes are the hardest.

Extra Details: Houston Police Helicopter Crash And Bodies At Bayou

Though an officer lost his precious life, no bodies were found around the area. Also, no reason for the helicopter to crash was detected. Due to the lack of evidence, a separate homicide investigation opened up.

Though gunshots were heard around the same area almost an hour ago, we cannot tell for sure if these were related. It is possible that before the crash, someone must have fired at it but there aren’t any previous reports of helicopters going down because of it.1 Houston police officer killed, 1 injured in helicopter ...

There is a possibility that the call relating to bodies in the bayou was actually a fake call and had some other intentions. A senior police officer who was also present with Knox is in a pretty bad condition too at the moment. People are praying for his speedy recovery.

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